Paul Bowen | American photographer of airplanes 

Ricardo Beccari is many things to me! First of all, he’s an artist. Secondly, he’s a comedian. And finally he’s a true friend! When I was first introduced to his images, I was both impressed and a little concerned. Concerned because ,in a broad sense, we are competitors! As a shooter who has been working as an aviation photographer for nearly 40 years, I realize that some day a young person will come up through the crowd an excel past me, leaving the ‘’old man’’ behind. Ricardo could easily be that person if we lived in the same country . 

Whether Ricardo is shooting through the canopy of a high-performance military fighter while pulling Gs As he composes through uncomfortable maneuvers, or he’s hanging out the open back of an airplane- exposed to the bitter cold at high altitudes, with the noise and vibrations –he always gets the shot! He understands composition and light, and rather than just document the subject, he creates art. It’s out of professional and personal respect that I call him my friend.